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Experimental Font Design

Year: 2017

Font Design showed on black PVC slices framed in iron wires. Inspired by the cuboid’s shape, I found out that the six surfaces of a cube could trimly combined together. So I used this character of the cube’s structure, to make frames in same sizes, and inside I show the different alphabet in different angles in their sections. Because that the shape of the design is from the cuboid, it has a very simple and modern sense of feeling. The alphabets are made by black PVC putting in different angles, the color black makes the outline of the alphabet even clearer. And the transparency from the black PVC has given the design more layers, to make the dense lines easy to identify, even when they are closely lined together. through the photography of the font design, the final outcome will be seen slightly transparent, in this way it is different from only drawing directly on papers. The model is also with iron wires, so it shows a sense of flexibility and agility.

Acrylic Typeface

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