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Web Design

Year: 2019


The existence of aliens has always been the ultimate question for humans. Basically every culture has imagined that we are not alone. We have never seen aliens, so any part of them must come from something we know. It is an interesting idea to observe how aliens have been created in human history. From a simple idea, how to evolve into a huge system. The most appropriate way is to do a classification and storage. I started with the code, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a system of collection that includes a variety of alien creatures that people have fabricated in the history in the site.

          The homepage applies a blur effect and letters are positioned in an unreadable place. letters will become clear and come back to the position where they should be in a word when the cursor is hovered at certain section of the screen. This home page effect defines the visual standard that runs through the entire site concisely and creates the feeling of unfamiliar. The entire website is unified in black and white colors before user taking any actions. When unit is selected by the cursor hover action, color foe this unit will come back. This logic unifies the operation system and visual style between other pages and the homepage. When each new page is opened, there will be a screen gradation animation with the same delay time, leaving the same period of time for users to locate content in the new page.

Alien Friends

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