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Book Design

Year: 2021

The history of humanity is the evolutionary chronicle of tools. This project focuses on our body which is the very first tool we have ever adopted as human. We learnt how to use our limbs and other body parts through a non linguistic way from our parent when we were young. Human body is so primitive that we often ignore its limitation and how the human body's form restrain oneself as a tool. So I decided to emphasize human body’s attributes as a tool by using a modern method through a systematic media. I choose adopting the form of operation manual, pretending that we have never used our body before and explanatorily introducing the human body as a brand new product.

Human can only observe and interact with surroundings by using various types of tools. Thus, what kind of tools we use and how we use them determine what we think about the world and where do we position ourselves in this world. If so, then how does the relationship with those tools as a whole influence our consciousness and cognition towards reality? To answer that, I broke down the idea of tool into segments, and I found the pattern that each time as we developing and adopting a new tool, we are losing the complexity of reality and alienating the essence of surroundings. And as for this work, it is a small but sincere attempt by me under this colossal topic.

Human Body Operation Manual

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