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Advertising Campaign

Year: 2019

While the men's barbershop industry in New York is booming, many other industries want to keep up with this trend. DERT is a social enterprise that sells selected books with creative cover designs. This campaign's goal is finding the overlapping market between the parent- child series from DERT and the men's barbershop. The campaign is aimed at fathers in men's barbershops. The advantages is that barbershop has became to one of few places where customers have to come physically and spend a good amount of time in order to experience the service they want. Thus, barbershop is also a good place for fathers to share their educational experiences with each other. According to this advantage, a monthly communication project based in barbershop that visualizes the progress of parent-child reading has been designed, which makes target audiences have brand dependence.

          The secret is stickers, which is an excellent medium allowing people to unleash their creativity, giving feed back, and visualizing the progress. Using a series of cartoon images created by the characters mentioned in the books, we can make stickers distributed with the books for fathers and children to reward and interact after reading. And provide blank stickers to allow children to create their own. And finally, staffs can encourage their customers to bring back those stickers and put them on the monthly sticker wall in the barber shop for display. this method can stimulate the potential customer to get involved, and give those fathers who already bought books positive feedback, so that parent-child reading becomes a long-term event.

DERT Barbershop Campaign

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